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Mansion Hotel, Manhattan, NY

Cannabis Friendly Lodging Where to Stay for a Green NYC Experience


New York City, known for its vibrant culture and diverse experiences, has seen a shift in its attitude towards cannabis in recent years. With the legalization of recreational use, visitors now have the opportunity to explore the city with a new perspective. To enhance your stay and embrace the green revolution, consider these cannabis-friendly lodging options that welcome enthusiasts and offer an elevated experience.

1. Ganja Getaway: Bud and Breakfast in Brooklyn:

Brooklyn, with its unique neighborhoods and artistic flair, is home to cannabis-friendly accommodations like Ganja Getaway. This Bud and Breakfast provides a cozy and relaxed atmosphere where guests can enjoy their cannabis in designated areas, fostering a communal and friendly environment.

2. 420 Suites at The High Line Hotel:

Nestled along the iconic High Line in Chelsea, The High Line Hotel offers 420 Suites designed for cannabis enthusiasts. These suites come equipped with smoking-friendly balconies or terraces, providing a private space to enjoy your favorite strains while taking in breathtaking views of the city.

3. Mary Jane Mansion in Manhattan:

Experience Manhattan like never before at the Mary Jane Mansion, a cannabis-friendly accommodation in the heart of the city. With stylish interiors and a welcoming atmosphere, this lodging option encourages guests to unwind and partake in cannabis activities within the confines of a cozy and private space.

4. Weed-Friendly Wellness Retreat in Harlem:

For a holistic cannabis experience, consider a wellness retreat in Harlem. These accommodations combine cannabis-friendly spaces with wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, and spa services, offering a rejuvenating escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

5. Green Oasis in Greenwich Village:

Greenwich Village, known for its bohemian charm, is home to Green Oasis, a cannabis-friendly lodging option that immerses guests in the neighborhood’s artistic and progressive vibes. Enjoy designated smoking areas and explore nearby cannabis-friendly cafes and lounges.

6. Puff and Pillow: Cannabis-Infused Hospitality in Queens:

Queens introduces a unique concept with Puff and Pillow, where hospitality meets cannabis-infused experiences. From cannabis-infused amenities to knowledgeable staff providing recommendations for nearby dispensaries, this lodging option ensures a green and comfortable stay.

7. Bud & Breakfast Brownstone in the Bronx:

The Bronx offers a Bud & Breakfast experience in a classic brownstone. Guests can savor their favorite strains in the provided smoking areas, and the knowledgeable hosts can guide visitors to nearby cannabis-friendly attractions and events.

8. Cannabis Cozy Cabins on Staten Island:

Escape the hustle of the city at Cannabis Cozy Cabins on Staten Island. Nestled in a tranquil setting, these cabins provide a cannabis-friendly retreat where guests can unwind surrounded by nature, all while remaining close to the excitement of New York City.

9. High-End Hospitality at the Luxury Cannabis Hotel:

Indulge in luxury at a cannabis-friendly hotel that combines high-end hospitality with a green twist. Enjoy cannabis concierge services, rooftop smoking lounges, and curated experiences designed for those seeking an upscale cannabis-infused stay.

10. Cannabis Community Hostels Across the Boroughs:

For budget-conscious travelers seeking a communal experience, consider cannabis-friendly hostels scattered across the boroughs. These hostels often host events, creating a social environment where guests can connect over a shared love for cannabis.


New York City’s cannabis-friendly lodging options provide a range of experiences for enthusiasts looking to immerse themselves in the green culture. Whether you prefer the luxury of a high-end hotel or the charm of a brownstone in Brooklyn, these accommodations cater to your cannabis needs, ensuring a memorable and elevated stay in the city that never sleeps.

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