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07 Dec, 2023

Celebrate 45 Years of Up in Smoke with ZEN MEDS’ Exclusive Limited Edition Smoking Sets

Introduction: In the world of counterculture and iconic stoner comedies, few films have left as lasting an impression as Cheech & Chong’s “Up in Smoke.” This year marks the 45th anniversary of the film’s release, and to commemorate this milestone, ZEN MEDS is offering an exclusive and limited edition 45th-anniversary commemorative smoking set, absolutely free […]
02 Dec, 2023

A Cannabis Enthusiast’s Guide for the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, and for cannabis enthusiasts, it’s an opportunity to infuse some extra joy into the festivities. Whether you’re celebrating with friends and family or taking some time for self-reflection, this guide is crafted to help you navigate the holiday season with a touch of cannabis-inspired cheer. **1. Elevated Edibles: Festive […]
27 Nov, 2023

Blunt Truths: Dispelling Myths about Cannabis in the Big Apple

New York City, the cultural epicenter of the United States, has long been at the forefront of change. As cannabis legalization takes center stage, it’s time to address the misconceptions and myths surrounding this versatile plant. Let’s roll up our sleeves and explore the blunt truths about cannabis in the Big Apple. 1. Myth: Cannabis […]
20 Nov, 2023

Smoke Signals: A Deep Dive into NYC’s Cannabis History

In the city that never sleeps, where the skyline meets the streets in a symphony of lights, the history of cannabis in New York City is a tapestry woven into the very fabric of its cultural evolution. From underground movements to cultural shifts, the journey of cannabis in the Big Apple is a fascinating narrative […]
13 Nov, 2023

Bridging the Gap: Cannabis Education Initiatives in NYC

As the landscape of cannabis legalization evolves, so does the need for comprehensive education. In the heart of the movement, New York City is emerging as a hub for initiatives that seek to bridge the knowledge gap surrounding cannabis. From debunking myths to promoting responsible use, these educational endeavors are reshaping perceptions and empowering individuals […]
06 Nov, 2023

Limited Edition Cheech & Chong Smoking Sets

In the world of cannabis culture, few names resonate as deeply as Cheech & Chong. As we approach the 45th anniversary of their iconic film “Up in Smoke,” the dynamic duo is set to release a collector’s dream—the limited edition Cheech & Chong Up in Smoke Smoking Sets. Numbered 1-100, each set is a nostalgic […]
30 Oct, 2023

Cannabis and the Culinary Scene: 8 NYC Chefs Elevating Edibles

In a city known for its diverse culinary landscape, a new wave of creativity is sweeping through the kitchens of New York. Cannabis-infused cuisine, once relegated to the fringes, is now taking center stage as innovative chefs harness the potential of this versatile herb to create extraordinary edible experiences. Here are eight NYC chefs who […]
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