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Discover the natural essence of smoking with RAW 1¼ Classic Rolling Papers. Crafted from pure, unbleached fibers, these papers are free from chlorine and chemicals, ensuring a healthier smoke. They measure 78mm by 44mm, perfect for medium to large rolls, and feature a smooth texture for easy rolling. Known for their slow, even burn, these papers enhance your smoking experience by extending enjoyment and maintaining the true flavor of your herbs. Each booklet contains 50 sheets of translucent, ultra-thin paper with a patented criss-cross watermark for a consistent burn. Choose RAW for a purer, more enjoyable smoke.

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Experience the natural choice with RAW Classic Rolling Papers, your ultimate partner for a purer, healthier smoking session. These 1.25″ rolling papers are crafted from unbleached, chemical-free natural fibers, highlighting their commitment to your well-being and the environment.

Firstly, each sheet is meticulously made from unrefined fibers that maintain their original light brown hue. This transparency about their natural origin reassures you that no chlorine or harmful chemicals touch your tobacco or herbs. Therefore, you enjoy a cleaner smoking experience every time.

RAW Classic Rolling Papers: Natural Unrefined Quality for the Purest Smoking Experience

Moreover, these RAW Classic Rolling Papers are designed with your smoking style in mind. At 78mm long and 44mm high, they’re the perfect size for rolling medium to large joints or cigarettes. The smooth texture of the paper ensures easy handling, making rolling effortless even for beginners.

Additionally, RAW 1.25″ papers are known for their slow, even burn. This exceptional feature stems from the unique natural fibers used, which naturally burn slower than synthetic materials. Consequently, you can savor a longer, uninterrupted session without frequent relights.

Furthermore, these papers preserve the pure flavor of your smoke. Unlike other papers, the natural composition doesn’t interfere with the taste, allowing the authentic flavors of your herbs or tobacco to shine through. This makes them especially appealing for connoisseurs who value the true essence of their smoke.

RAW Classic Rolling Papers also feature a patented criss-cross watermark. This innovative design helps prevent runs and maintains the smooth, even burning characteristic of the paper. The acacia gumline is another thoughtful addition, ensuring each roll seals neatly and holds securely.

In addition, each booklet contains 50 sheets of translucent, ultra-thin rolling paper. This quantity allows for plentiful sessions, whether you’re enjoying a quiet moment alone or sharing with friends.

Finally, by choosing RAW 1.25″ Classic Rolling Papers, you’re not just selecting a high-quality product for your smoking needs; you’re also making a responsible choice. The natural, unbleached materials are kinder to the environment, reducing your ecological footprint.

Choose RAW Classic Rolling Papers for a superior, eco-friendly smoking experience without compromising on quality or performance. Enjoy the true taste and leisurely pace of your smoke, all while supporting environmental sustainability.


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